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Role Call

Who's Here

Brian R, John W, Margaret, Steve, James

Who's Not

Wade (notified in advance), Alan M

Next Call

June 6th 2PM EST

  • Margaret will take lead if Brian can't make it

Publication Update

White Paper

  • Targeting May 8th for Executive Overview and truncated Market Overview ready for Casuality Printing
    • This should be 15-20 pages
    • Margaret or Brian will need to write the Executive Summary for this
  • Steve is working hard to get a publisher/value-chain survey up and running
    • Hopefully will be via IGDA survey tool
  • Everyone is starting to evaluate the successfulness of the wiki editing . . .

Section Updates

  • Market Overview
    • Coming along, but mostly just via Greg and Gabe, not getting much other contributions
    • Some from e-mailed Contributions, but not much
    • Also getting data etc from DFC
    • Need to be delivered by the 8th
    • Probably about 50% complete
  • Business Models
    • Have a table of contents, with outline and organization
    • Wanted to "open the floodgates" and get contributions
    • We just need to fill all the content into the paper
    • He will be posting this to the mailing list soon
  • Technology
    • Is coming along okay working with some contributors
    • Could really use more attention from the global world
  • Production & Design
    • Humming along pretty well
  • Publishers
    • Rest of the section will be outlining the overal publishing process
    • The survey is coming together with lots of help from Margaret!
    • This will be looked at more as publishing instead of publishers
      • Trying to get this out by the end of this week
      • Will be sending the questions out to SC list soon for final feedback
  • Case Studies
    • Progress a bit unknown
    • Have at least a couple in process
  • Brian needs to post link to wiki from Casual SIG site
  • Take a look at White Paper home page on the wiki to encourage participation


  • Not sure the status of the Quarterly at this point

Other Initiatives

Data Reporting Standards

  • Much progress has been made!
    • XML is cool!
  • We now have a schema (DTD) put together
    • Includes ways to report game sales, plus subscriptions and skill-based tournaments
    • Using the new schema, James has turned example paper reports into XML format
  • Also have an xtd file(?)
    • Basically a stylesheet, outlining the display of data
  • Final piece in process right now
    • Sample Access Database for tracking sales
  • Next we will put this out to larger community for feedback
  • Will also need some sort of mapping between internal SKU names and distributor SKU names
    • Ideally, build a mapping file once for each distributor
  • Should have good support for the standard once it is ready to go
  • Will be presented at a session at Casuality
  • Hopefully also have a somewhat more public review prior to that
  • John will have Bruce contact James
  • Could use two types of feedback:
    • Technical base XML stuff
    • Business type of missing information, etc.

Job Postings

  • and now active


E3 Prep

  • Minna Mingle @ E3
  • May 10 9PM - 1AM
    • VIP portion starting earlier


  • Who can host the group gathering?
  • July 11-13 in Brighton, UK
  • This is a party college town
    • Margaret had a possible person for this
    • Also see if zylom can be involved too

Casuality Prep

  • Party?
    • Already lots of parties
    • Maybe instead of a party, let's try to do a gathering
    • Focus on what the community wants from the SIG
    • Talk with Jessica to try to get this onto the schedule
    • What is the timing?
      • Try not to compete with anything
      • If we have to compete with something
      • Brian will take lead on this

SIG Leadership

  • Need to have leadership selection at Casuality in June
  • Follow model for Online SIG
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