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Augmented Reality and Human Computer Interface (ARHCHI 08)

2 Jan 2008. Ben-Gurion, Israel.

Virtual Worlds, Real People

15 Jan 2008. Sammy Ofer School of Communications, Israel.


Game Developers Conference

18-22 Feb 2008. San Francisco, CA, USA.

IGDA Education Summit.

18-19 Feb 2008. San Francisco, CA, USA.

The Nordic Conference of Serious Games

28-29 Feb 200. Jyvaskyla, Finland.

Game Development in Computer Science Education (GDCSE'08)

28 Feb - 3 Mar 2008. Miami, FL, USA.


Mind the Games 2008 DIGRA Israel

1 March 2008. Rannana, Israel.


The Future of Interactive Technology for Peace

2-3 April 2008. Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Games:Edu:08 North

29th April 2008. Manchester, UK



May 2008. Shiga, Japan.

The Philosophy of Computer Games

8-10 May 2008. Potsdam, Germany.

Play Conference

23-24 May 2008. Edinburgh, UK.

Canadian Game Studies Association Conference

31 May 2008. Vancouver, Canada.


5th Annual Games for Change Festival

2-4 June, 2008, NYC, USA

MMOG-Fest 08 Multiplayer Online Games 2 Day conference, With a focus on the Player and the Technology; Staffordshire University, UK

5-6th June 2008

Come Out & Play Festival

6-8 June 2008, NYC, USA

Under the Mask: Perspectives on the Gamer Conference

7 Jun 2008. Bedford, UK.

Game Education Summit

10-11 Jun 2008. Dallas, TX, USA

DGXPO Southeastern Game Show

19-20 Jun 2008. Raleigh, NC USA

Game Developers Conference Paris

23-24 Jun 2008. Paris, France


25-27 Jun 2008. Nanjing, China.


Apply Serious Games

9-10 July, 2008, London, UK

Gaming 2008 - Design for engaging experience and social interaction (IADIS)

25-27 July, 2008, Amsterdam

Games:Edu:08 South,

Games Education Summit for UK and European Games Educators.

29th July 2008. Brighton, UK.


Sandbox Symposium

9-10 Aug 2008. Los Angeles, CA, USA.


13-15 Aug 2008. Montreal, Canada.

Games Convention Leipzig

20-24 Aug 2008. Leipzig, Germany

The [Player] Conference

26-29 Aug, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark


Digital Interactive Arts and Media (DIMEA)

10-12 Sep 2008. Athens, Greece.

Women in Games

10-12 Sep 2008. Warwick, UK.

Game Developer's Conference Austin

15-17 Sep 2008. Austin, TX USA

Facial and Bodily Expressions for Control and Adaptation of Games (ECAG'08)

16 Sep 2008. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Games Convention Asia

18-20 Sep 2008. Singapore

Game Developers Conference China

24-26 Sep 2008. Beijing, China

International Conference on Entertainment Computing

25-27 Sep 2008. Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Toys and Games

3-5 Oct, 2008, Cincinnati, OH, USA


8-9 Oct 2008. Tampere, Finland.

Meaningful Play

9-11 Oct 2008. East Lansing, MI, USA.

Future and Reality Gaming (F.R.O.G)

17-19 Oct 2008. Vienna, Austria.

Fun and Games

20-21 Oct, 2008, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Netgames 2008 7th Annual Workshop on Network System Support for Games

21-22 OCT 2008. Worcester, MA, USA

Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE)

22-24 Oct 2008. Stanford, CA, USA.

CyberGames, The 4th International Conference on Games Research and Development

27-30 OCT 2008. Beijing, China


Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP08)

Nov 2008. Queensland, Australia


3-5 Nov 2008. Toronto, Canada.

IGDA Leadership Forum 2008

13-14 Nov 2008. San Francisco, CA, USA

IEEE International Conference on Digital Game and Intelligent Toy

Enhanced Learning

17-19 Nov 2008. Banff, Canada.

Beyond the Online: Critical Collaborations and Dialogues among Anthropological Approaches to Video Games

19-23 Nov, 2008, San Francisco, CA USA

Researching Learning in Virtual Environments - ReLIVE08

20th-21st Nov 2008, Milton Keynes, UK

1st Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

26-29 November 2008, Erfurt, Germany


Living in Game Worlds

1-2 Dec 2008. Atlanta, GA, USA.

Interactive Entertainment (IE2008)

3-5 Dec 2008. Brisbane, Australia.

OZCHI: Australasian Computer-Human Interaction Conference

8-12 Dec 2008. Cairns, Australia.

2008 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG'08)

15-18 December 2008, Perth, Australia



Game Education Workshop

23-24 March, 2009 San Francisco, CA USA

Game Developer's Conference

23-27 March, 2009 San Francisco, CA USA


DIGRA 2009.

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