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Online games are continuing to grow as both an industry segment and as a necessary feature to most games. The IGDA Online Games Special Interest Group represents a broad cross-section of the leaders and thinkers in the online games industry.


Mailing List Mailing List Subscribe to the SIG's Yahoo Group list by sending email to

The Online Games SIG has traditionally published White Papers on Downloadable, Persistent World and Mobile Games. With the advent of the new Casual Games SIG and Mobile Game Development SIG we are in the process of re-orienting the Online Games SIG to better serve the community of developers of Online Games. Please join us and participate in this exciting change!


Steering Committee

Mailing List

  • Mailing List — C'mon in and say, "Hello!" We are looking for volunteers to help with publications and more!

Online SIG Forum

Projects and Initiatives

Recommended reading

List of Publishers

  • List of Publishers — At the moment, this is a list of all kinds of game publishers (not just online), but will probably be split out by category later.
  • Online Games Publishers - Game Publishers specific to the Online Games Industry. If you don't see your own company listed, feel free to add it!

IGDA Online Games Quarterly

  • The IGDA Online Games Quarterly newsletter is produced by the Online Games SIG, and has lots of current information on industry happenings.

Jobs in the Online Game Industry

  • Jobs in the Online Game Industry - Do you know of a good resource to recommend to someone who's looking for a job, or looking for good applicants? Please add it to this page.

OGSIG Member Survey

  • Member Survey - We intend to survey our membership. Here is the basis of the questionnaire - a work in progress.

IGDA Online Games Podcasts

  • Podcasts - We intend to produce and distribute informative podcasts with industry leaders in online games - a work in progress. If you have any ideas for topics or potential interviewees, please contribute here!

Help Needed!

You can contribute in several ways:

The Quarterly

  • Go to this page to suggest changes and additions to the Online Games Quarterly Editorial Calendar. What do you think the next focus of the Quarterly could be? What kinds of topics would you like to learn more about? Tell us!

The SIG Charter

  • The charter of the Online Games SIG is currently under revision and debate. Do you have any suggestions for what the new wording should be? Contribute to our Charter page.

This Wiki

  • Contribute to this wiki! Check the Quick Start Guide to create a free account and add information!

Bringing the PSW White Paper into the Wiki

Other white papers

Pretty much any information at , should also be added somewhere to the wiki as well.

Mailing list archives

  • We need someone to review the IGDAOnlineGames mailing list archives and pull important information into this wiki. For example, see the suggested page names in the next section, and either add information there, or create a new page. Or if you see information which should probably be added to this wiki, but you're not sure where to put it, add it to this page: /Information to be sorted

Other projects

Wikipedia Initiative

A project was started in March 2006, working with the Online Games SIG, the Writers SIG, and the Game Credits committee, to add and improve IGDA member bios at Wikipedia. If interested in helping, please check the Wikipedia Initiative page.

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