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PlayStation Network
Platform PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
Service provider Sony Computer Entertainment
Development Languages C++
Size Limit PS3: No limit, PSP: 1.8 GBs
Platform size (people) 89 million PS3 & PSP consoles sold
Potential size (Registered PSN accounts) 40 million
Financial model Downloadable Games
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The PlayStation Network is an online, multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service, provided and run by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) for use with the PlayStation 3 (PS3™) and PlayStation Portable (PSP®) video game consoles.


Marketing and PR

Developers are not required to provide a demo for their game; however, SCE recommends they do. SCE also provides numerous avenues from which to market ones game, including: weekly and monthly e-mails to registered PSN account holders; weekly news updates on; weekly PR media bulletins; in-store banner ads; visible space on the PlayStation Home browser page; the PlayStation Blog; and the XrossMediaBar (XMB) graphical user interface on PS3s and PSPs. Additional information is not publicly available.


As of September 2009, the average registered PSN member is male and 28 years old.

Tools and development

Acceptance process

Acceptance process information is not publicly available.


ProDG for PS3
ProDG for PSP

Startup Requirements

To develop games for the PS3 and PSP consoles, one must be a licensed SCE developer/publisher. Licensees are given access to the free, cross platform PhyreEngine, as well as an opportunity to purchase a $1200 debug unit. DevKits are assumed to be available to licensed developers as well; however, there price is not publicly available.



Sony Computer Entertainment

Terms of agreement

There are no SCE recommended prices for downloadable content -- developers may set whatever price they would like. Moreover, SCE pays developer on a per quarter basis. Additional information is not publicly available.

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